Other Services

At Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd., we focus on serving the financial planning needs of our diverse clientele. We believe, with careful planning, you can overcome any financial obstacle. Our experienced and versatile staff can help you to assess your financial needs and develop a plan to achieve financial security and face any challenge life brings.

Retirement Planning Services

It is never too early to start planning for retirement if you want to maintain your current lifestyle or achieve an even better one. Careful planning helps you avoid common pitfalls and retirement planning mistakes and puts you on a solid footing to ensure that your retirement lives up to your expectations. At Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd., we listen to your objectives and goals, evaluate your current circumstances and collaborate with you to formulate a comprehensive, achievable retirement plan. No matter where you are now – whether just starting out or close to retirement age - Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. can explain the differences between retirement plans, including standard IRAs, tax-deferred annuities and Roth IRAs and analyze your projected income and expenses in retirement.

Estate Planning Services

You’ve worked hard to achieve success and build wealth, and comprehensive estate planning is a common-sense way to ensure that your hard-earned assets and the people you love are both protected in the future. Effective estate planning is critical to conserve your assets, both for you to enjoy in retirement and for the next generation and to minimize the impact of estate and inheritance taxes on your beneficiaries. Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. has the knowledge and experience to help you formulate a successful plan for the future. We can review your financial position, recognize and minimize or eliminate potential liquidity issues caused by federal and state estate taxes and employ a wide array of instruments such as trusts and charitable entities to maximize your assets and protect your beneficiaries.