gallery-55021077-xs.jpgBusiness Consulting Services

At Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd., our experienced staff is committed to assisting you through every phase of the business life cycle to provide you with meaningful and practical strategies and solutions to address the issues facing your business. From incorporation through business succession planning, we provide advice and insight you need to help your business achieve success at any stage.

Incorporation and New Business Analysis

Starting a business is challenging on many levels, from the hard work of establishing yourself in the marketplace to the complexities of managing the paperwork and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With years of real-world, hands-on business experience behind us, the team of detail-oriented professionals at Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. will help you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of corporations, partnerships and LLCs, ensuring that you select the right entity for your new business.

Employee Benefit Plans

The employee benefit plan landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, and our staff is committed to helping you navigate these changes. At Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd., we strive to help you weigh the complex benefits and costs posed by today’s qualified and non-qualified pension and profit sharing plans, including 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP, SEP IRA, Keogh, life insurance and health insurance plans. We prepare 5500 returns for compliance purposes and assist in completing master prototype plans.

Business Purchase or Sale Analysis

If you are thinking about buying a business, the team here at Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. has the hands-on experience, the passion for detail and the insight to provide a holistic view of any transaction, from comprehensive assessments of potential purchases to business valuation services to analysis of the financial, tax and operational implications of any purchase. Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. can advise prospective business purchasers about local market conditions, industry trends and the financial condition of an acquisition candidate. Alternatively, if you are thinking of selling your existing business, Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. can help you plan for the sale, identifying any structural or financial changes you need to make to maximize your company’s value and obtain the best possible sale price and contract payout terms.

Financial Forecast and Projections

Financial planning is critical to the success of any business, and at Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd., we are committed to working with you to create a thoughtful and comprehensive plan to achieve your business objectives. We provide a complete range of financial and business forecasting services and can also create customized "What If" planning scenarios to help management foresee and plan for unexpected business contingencies. Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. has the experience, the innovative thinking and the insight to help your organization identify and manage risk, quantify resources and formulate and achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

Business Succession and Exit Planning

You worked hard to establish a successful business, and thoughtful business succession or exit planning is the key to ensuring that your business will continue to flourish in the future, without your day-to-day involvement. Too often, healthy, successful businesses are negatively impacted by a lack of succession or exit planning, from unclear transfer of leadership to liquidity problems stemming from unexpected inheritance taxes or costs. Gunderson, Waldvogel & Co., Ltd. can help you to design a comprehensive strategy to avoid these problems and achieve your objectives, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business will enjoy a smooth continuance and your heirs and business associates will be well protected.